[GE users] Mapping of usernames that differ between submit and exec hosts?

benmwebb ben at salilab.org
Thu May 28 22:48:22 BST 2009

benmwebb wrote:
> olesen wrote:
>> User mapping worked in 5.3, but AFAIK never got working again in 6.x,
>> but I haven't tried if for several years now:
>> http://gridengine.sunsource.net/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=1719
> Thanks for the reference! But if I understand that correctly, the
> mapping is done by the qmaster process. I don't think that would work in
> our case, since we use CSP. So whenever we run qsub, qstat etc. on the
> submit host, it tries to read a client certificate from
> /var/sgeCA/sge_qmaster/$SGE_CELL/userkeys/foo/ but really it should be
> trying to read from the bar directory. So doesn't the submit host also
> need to know about the user mapping? (I could just rename the foo
> directory to bar, but then we get GDI errors.)
> Would it be sufficient to install modified qsub, qstat, qhost binaries
> on the submit host that do the user mapping? Presumably all of them at
> some point call getpwuid(3) or similar to map the calling user ID to a
> user name, and all we have to do is use a mapping file on the submit
> host to return the user name as known to SGE instead. This would also be
> preferable for us since the qmaster is not under our control (below).
> Are there obvious problems with this approach?

Well, I went ahead and tried just that, and it seems to work for us. If
others want similar behavior, I attached a patch against 6.1u3. It
simply maps usernames on the local system to and from the usernames as
known to SGE. It reads the mappings in a simple format from a text file,
/etc/sge-user-mapping. For example, for the case above, a single line
containing "foo    bar" does the trick.

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