[GE users] qlicserver seems to double subtract

biscisking dsmith03 at its.jnj.com
Mon Nov 2 18:38:37 GMT 2009

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I take it back.  The abaqus definition was also present in my qlicserver.config file, and type="job" was not present.  If it appears in both qlicserver.config and qlicserver, what happens?  In any case, a colleague did some testing for me of the type="job" setting.  He's running SGE6.1, so he's got consumable=YES and is scaling his license requests.  This is what he found:


Ok, did some testing on a system here. I downloaded the latest qlicserver and configured it. If I have type=?job? specified in the qlicserver resource then my qlic output looks like this after I submit a 32 core job and a 16 cores job (test license server only has 25 tokens). Also remember I am scaling my token request since I have SGE 6.1:
resource      total  limit extern intern  wait  free
--------      -----  ----- ------ ------  ----  ----
abaqus           25      .      .      1     1    24
This not correct, at least the ?free? is not. It is correct in showing that I have 1 job internally and 1 job waiting but the free is definitely wrong which is what I believe it uses to update the complex_resource.
If I remove the type=job it looks like this, which is correct (what I would expect to see):
resource      total  limit extern intern  wait  free
--------      -----  ----- ------ ------  ----  ----
abaqus           25      .      .     21    16     4
A qstat ?F then shows gc:abaqus=4, which is what I would expect to see. Interestingly, I do not see and messages in qstat ?j <jobid> that mentions why the job is queued but it is definitely queued because there are not enough licenses it seems. I get the same message about the PE but the values don?t seem to map over. If I have a 16 core ?r?unning and an 8 core queued it says:
cannot run in PE "8ppn" because it only offers 16 slots
In reality, 48 are free (8 node cluster) so is must be queued because the licenses, one would assume. Not really sure why it shows this but it at least seems to be working correctly, despite what the scheduler reports.


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