[GE users] qlicserver seems to double subtract

biscisking dsmith03 at its.jnj.com
Tue Nov 3 15:34:03 GMT 2009

I had abaqus defined both in qlicserver and qlicserver config.  type="job" was in qlicserver, but not in qlicserver.config.  Since the values in qlicserver.config takes precedence, it would follow I've yet to test type="job".  Could you tell me what that's supposed to do, and if it's appropriate for abaqus considering that different jobs require different numbers of tokens?

I've not upgraded to the latest version of flex-grid yet, but at this point I have two scenarios:

1) I've tried consumable=YES and scaling the -l abaqus= line by the number of slots.  This works as intended.  qlic shows the correct breakdown of internal and external licenses, and everything makes sense.  That being the case, it makes me wonder how necessary type="job" is.

2) I've tried consumable=JOB, and I had -l abaqus= set to the total number of licenses needed w/o scaling.  I submitted 3 jobs each requiring 16 licenses. Two were promoted to r status, one got stuck in qw.  There were licenses and processors available to run all three.  We have 60 total, and there was one job running elsewhere (not in our queue or on our cluster) consuming 6. This is the output of qlic:

resource total limit extern intern wait free
-------- ----- ----- ------ ------ ---- ----
abaqus 60 . 38 512 256 .

38 = 6 + 16 +16 (the externally running job plus my two running jobs)

512 = 16 * 32 (the number of slots the two running 16 license jobs consume)

256 = 16 * 16 (the number of slots the qw job requested)

My jobs seem to be counted both in internal and external.  Because they get counted in external, the number of licenses SGE thinks are available is lower than actual, which is why my third job didn't run.

So, two things:

1) Please comment on what type="job does
2) Any ideas why my jobs would get counted as both internal and external?


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