[GE users] qlicserver seems to double subtract

olesen Mark.Olesen at emconTechnologies.com
Tue Nov 3 21:08:51 GMT 2009

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> I had abaqus defined both in qlicserver and qlicserver config.  type="job" was in qlicserver, but not in qlicserver.config.
> Since the values in qlicserver.config takes precedence, it would follow I've yet to test type="job".
> Could you tell me what that's supposed to do, and if it's appropriate for abaqus considering that different jobs require different numbers of tokens?

Abaqus is exactly one of the applications where a JOB consumable makes sense.
As you know, you have something like 4+NCPU tokens.
If you have a 2CPU job you can either say '-l abaqus=6' (using JOB), or the old way with '-l abaqus=3'
and the rest is calculated by the number of cpus.
It gets a bit more annoying if you had say a 3CPU job.
You'd then be specifying '-l abaqus=2.333' instead of just saying 7 tokens.
When you start dividing by 6, watch out for rounding errors (you need to truncate).
Having '-l foo=0.16667 -pe xx 6' will consume *more* than 1 license!

In short:
Just make certain you have type="job" in the qlicserver.config *AND* in GridEngine itself.
Double check with 'qconf -sc' to avoid lots of grief later.

> resource total limit extern intern wait free
> -------- ----- ----- ------ ------ ---- ----
> abaqus 60 . 38 512 256 .
> 38 = 6 + 16 +16 (the externally running job plus my two running jobs)
> 512 = 16 * 32 (the number of slots the two running 16 license jobs consume)

This is where something is going seriously wrong.
Are you certain that you have 'JOB' specified in the GridEngine configuration (check qconf -sc again) and that you are running GridEngine 6.2u3??

It looks to me that you have specified 'job' for qlicserver and when submitting, but GridEngine is still configured with a normal consumable.
The value for 'extern' should only show stuff that is really outside of GridEngine.
If there is a mismatch between what you've specified and what GridEngine has granted, this explains the weird values.

Check your config again.

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