[GE users] dynamically change priority based on # of jobs in queue?

bergman mark.bergman at uphs.upenn.edu
Tue Nov 17 17:03:50 GMT 2009

I've got some users who submit a large number of jobs at once (30~80K). These 
are short-running jobs, and I've already confgured "maxujobs" so that a single 
user won't consume all slots.

However, I'd like to make the queuing even more "fair". Is there a way to 
dynamically set job priorities based on the number of jobs that a user has in 
the queue? For example, for the first 5000 jobs, there's no priority 
adjustment. For each 5K jobs above that, the priority would be successively 
reduced by some value.

Any suggestions about how to implement this, or alternative methods for similar 
priority adjustment? I'm more interested in altering priorities based on the 
numer of queued jobs than on a user's historic records of the numer of 
completed jobs.



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