[GE users] Help needed with schedule priorities

ffelix ffelixr at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 11:12:08 GMT 2009

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Dear all,

I would need some help with respect to schedule priorities in Grid Engine.

We are using GE as the local scheduler for our gLite deployment in the context of the EGEE project.
In our case, jobs are submitted using an external application that transfer them to the master node where an "adaptor" translates the job submission made by the application into a qsub command.

Our problem is that no scheduling priorities can be specified for the job using that external application, just the queue we want the job is executed on.
And we need to establish a scheduling priority order among our defined queues so that jobs sent to high priority queues were scheduled before those jobs submitted to lower ones.

The question, therefore, is:

Is there any way to assign specific priorities to the jobs submitted to a queue depending only on the name of that queue (without using qsub options, of course).

Thanks in advance

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