[GE users] Default resource per queue?

reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Wed Nov 18 13:28:50 GMT 2009

Am 17.11.2009 um 17:54 schrieb gutnik:

> Is it possible to set up a queue with default global complex usage  
> per job?
> I have a grid set up and integrated with qlicserver. I'd like to have
> a low-priority
> batch queue, and a higher priority interactive queue. (The idea  
> would be that
> batch jobs could be stopped to free up licenses, but interactive ones
> wouldn't be.)
> I think I can do it now by specifying -l qname=batch.q,mylic=1   or
> -lqname=inter.q,mylic=1,
> but it would be more convenient to have all jobs that go to either
> queue request the "mylic"
> resource. (And of course, I'd have other queues that don't use this  
> license.)

On the one hand, you could use a JSV (job-submission-verfier) in  
newer versions of SGE which will attach the necessary mylic complex  
for the requested queues.

But submitting into a queue is more the Torque-style of job  
submissions. In SGE you request resources and SGE will select an  
appropriate queue for you. So, what you need:

a) make the mylic complex "requestable FORCED"

b) define the "batch.q" queue to read "qtype BATCH" and  
"complex_values mylic=999" (it's an arbitrary value here)

c) define the "inter.q" queue to read "qtype INTERACTIVE" and  
"complex_values mylic=999"

d) define an RQS  (resource-quota-set) with the limits for the mylic  
complex (unless it's already limited by the qlicserver):

limit name licenses to mylic=123

I assume, that the active slots per node are already limited by other  

Then users submit with:

qsub -l mylic=1 ...
qrsh -l mylic=1

and they will run in the above set up queues automatically. A JSV may  
still be useful here, to avoid someone requesting mylic=0 (as there  
is no default like for BOOL, mylic alone isn't expanded to 1).

-- Reuti

> Is there a way to do this?
>      Vadim
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