[GE users] RQS to limit users jobs

russray rray at semtech.com
Thu Nov 19 16:03:59 GMT 2009

I have the following RQS setup and it gives me a problem.

   name         max_jobs_per_user
   description  "limit number of jobs per user"
   enabled      TRUE
   limit        users * to slots=8

I have one user who has 8 jobs running and 10 waiting to run.  I have another user that has one job running and one waiting.  I used qalter to change the second users job to the top of the waiting but it would still not start.  When I did a qstat -j it tells me

Job cannot run because it exceeds limit "/////" in rule "max_jobs_per_user/1"

For user1, it shouldn't start any more jobs because they already have the max, but user2 should be able to have 8 jobs running too, but only has one and one waiting.  The other thing is why does it say  limit "/////" instead of the number 8?

Is the RQS defined incorrectly for the behavior I'm after?  I was able to get user2's job running by changing the "users *' to "users user1", but I want to limit all users to a max of 8 running jobs at any time.

Russell Ray
rray at semtech.com

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