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Thu Nov 19 21:36:54 GMT 2009

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On Thu, Nov 19, 2009 at 12:11 PM, olesen
<Mark.Olesen at emcontechnologies.com> wrote:
>>> Could you take a look at the following thread and see if it makes sense in my situation?
>>> http://gridengine.sunsource.net/ds/viewMessage.do?dsForumId=38&dsMessageId=199539
>> I'm trying to do the same thing, I think, with flexlm and grid, and
>> not getting very far.
>> I'm now thinking of trying a different approach:
>> If gridengine doesn't release resources for stopped jobs, then maybe
>> it's better to not treat
>> the licenses as finite resources to be allocated, but rather as a
>> load. It's not hard (I think!) to
>> write a load sensor that queries flexlm, and presents the number of
>> used licenses as a load.
> Oh no!
> Are you really sure you want to treat the available/used licenses as a load?
> There is some background here:
>   http://olesenm.github.com/flex-grid/background.html
> including a link to a pdf that (I hope) might make you reconsider if you really want
> to use load sensors for managing consumable resources. I certainly would not wish to.

Hi Mark,

Correct me if I'm wrong, please: flex-grid tries to make sure jobs
don't get queued if there are
no licenses available. This is important if you're really constrained
on compute resources,
so it would be wasteful to run a job that has to sit and wait for a license.

I have a different situation; this thread suggests other have that case as well.

I have more CPUs than licenses. I also have two classes of demand for
licenses: there are high-priority jobs,
and there are low priority jobs. The high priority jobs may or may not
get submitted to Grid; the low priority
jobs always will be. "Low priority" in my case translates to "if not
enough licences are available, pause the job
and release the license."

So, from this I reason:
  1) If gridengine does not recognize that a license will be released
when a job is paused, I can't let it think
that a low-priority job ever had a license.
  2) If there are no free licenses, high priority non-grid jobs won't
start. Therefore, I have to make sure that
no low-priority job starts unless there is a surplus of licenses. This
means that I'll always have a few unused
licenses that can't be used by low-priority jobs.

I still want to use flex-grid for the high-priority jobs. But it won't
work for low-priority stuff. Will it? Is there another


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