[GE issues] [Issue 3193] core dump when sending TERM signal to sge_execd / sge_qmaster

shaas stefan.haas at sun.com
Tue Nov 24 12:39:38 GMT 2009


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        Target milestone|---                       |6.2u5

------- Additional comments from shaas at sunsource.net Tue Nov 24 04:39:37 -0800 2009 -------
As we are using the jemalloc-library on Linux we've experienced the same problems like the mozilla-project (see
https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=493541) when libraries are opened with dlopen and the RTLD_DEEPBIND-flag.
This means in our case that the opened library doesn't use our linked jemalloc-lib but instead the system malloc-calls.
This leads to segfaults when e.g. malloced memory will be free by the system-free which was allocated by the jemalloc-lib.
We fixed this behaviour with the upcoming 6.2u5 release.


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