[GE users] qlogin fails from ROCKS compute node to external SGE exec host

bergman mark.bergman at uphs.upenn.edu
Thu Nov 26 01:49:16 GMT 2009

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<Re: [GE users] qlogin fails from ROCKS compute node to external SGE exec host>
=> Am 25.11.2009 um 23:50 schrieb bergman:


=> So, you login to a compute node and then issue qlogin from there to  
=> an outside server - unusual setup. Aynway:

Yeah, it's a bit unusual...but it has some advantages for us...people login to 
the headnode, and then run qlogin...which directs them to a machine in a queue 
that's reserved for interactive logins...so that interactive work doesn't fight 
with compute jobs for resources.

The additional qlogin to the machine with the GPU is an exception...meant to 
give people doing development of GPU code interactive use to that server.

=> Does server1 know the hosts inside the cluster, i.e. compute-0-0  

Hmmmm....I don't know how that would work, since the compute nodes are 
inaccessible from outside the ROCKS cluster--they're on an RFC1918 network.
=> resolves to something? AFAIK SGE will check the address from the  
=> incoming rsh or builtin method being originated from the issuing  
=> machine (which would fail due to NAT). But as you are using SSH it  

I'm not sure what this means. Where is this address check happening:

	on the compute node when the job is submitted

	on the qmaster (which is also the ROCKS head node, so resolution
	will succeed)

	on the target of the command (server1)

Will the $SGE_ROOT/default/common/host_aliases file help?
=> should work. As the shepherd startup will try to resolve compute-0-0  
=> although it's not needed, it might hang at that point.
=> -- Reuti
=> PS: qsub is different, as it doesn't need a direct connection between  
=> the issuing and executing machine at any point.

Ah. Ok.



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