[GE users] upgrading to GE 6.2

mbay2002 jeff at haferman.com
Sun Nov 29 17:50:44 GMT 2009

Hi -
I have no idea what "RR" means, but I just upgraded from 6.1u5 to 6.2u4,
and I did it without using the document you referred to.  AFAIK, there
is the "N1 Grid Engine" product which I think requires a support license
after 30 days, and there is the open source product.  

I haven't fully transitioned, I have 6.1u5 and 6.2u4 running
side-by-side... in my opinion, this is a good way to go on a production

The most important thing to do to accomodate a parallel installation is:
1) make sure you select new ports for the new SGE installation
2) though I don't think this is necessary, it's probably good to choose
a different cell name, "default" is usually used, but using a different
name makes it less likely that there will be operator error.

Oh, you will want to do an "env | grep SGE" on your current install to
see which ports are being used.  And it's fine to let the installer
install startup installation scripts, because now it names the startup
scripts as "sgemaster.<cluster-name>" and "sgeexecd.<cluster-name>", and
by default, it chooses the first of the two port numbers as the
cluster-name... this is a good way to go.

By the way, I think that I have heard that ports 6444 and 6445 (which are
the default ports used by the 6.2u4 installer) will soon be "officially"
reserved for SGE.

I also highly recommend that you use the GUI installer, it's actually
very nice and this is from someone that would never touch GUIs like
"qmon".  All my SGE administration is done using CLI, but the SGE gui
installer works very well.

Once you get 6.2u4 installed, you can "flip" back and forth between the
two installations by calling the appropriate

I have set up SGE selection scripts, and I'm letting my "power users" try out
the 6.2u4 installation before I migrate everyone over.


mlmersel wrote:
> Hi:
>   I want to upgrade to version 6.2u4 (the latest release) from 6.1u4.
>   In the HOWTO it is written:
>            " The following instructions will work only on the Sun Grid Engine
>               6.2 RR release".
>   What is meant by RR?
>   Does it mean that the particular document is applicable for all releases
> of 6.2?
>                                        Thank you,


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