[GE users] qalter-ing consumable resource requests

jerry37 jerry37 at seznam.cz
Mon Nov 30 20:06:45 GMT 2009


I was wondering, why its not possible to qalter resource request of currently running job - i.e. add consumable resource to it. The expected behavior wouldn't be for it to be accounted for immediately but after requeue/migration.
The application of this would be in creating a 'estimation' job, that reads user data and computes resource requests for solution - memory/scratch/licensing etc. Then these values should go into request of the real worker job and scheduler can plan it accurately to its needs. Currently I am using two jobs for this - one 'estimating' and then the 'worker', which has job-interdependency set up to the estimation. Withing the 'estimating' job, resource requests for the worker are altered accordingly. This does work - even though qalter says 'denied: resource request on consumable "someconsumable" of running job was not contained former resource request' it does alter the resource requests.
What I wanted to do, was creating a single job, that would recognize it is run the first time, do the estimation part, then change its own resource requests and then exit 99 (requeue). Then it would run on appropriate hardware. It is not really possible to do the estimation before, because its not a trivial task and can take some time (not to mention that software to do it is not accessible on the submit machines).
Since there are already lot of job options of a running job that can be changed with qalter, I'd like to know, why the above is supposed to be impossible. Anyone?

user at machine:~# man qalter | grep -c "allows changing this option even while the job executes."
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