[GE users] resurrecting xml-qstat (web status dashboard for SGE clusters)

craffi dag at sonsorol.org
Wed Sep 2 20:18:00 BST 2009


{ Background: xml-qstat is an old school project of mine from a few  
years ago when I wanted to teach myself XML and XSLT transformations.  
It's an attempt to make a web application that takes XML status data  
from Grid Engine systems and render it into HTML form for use in web  
dashboards. It was effectively abandoned for a long time and thanks to  
Mark Olesen it's time to see if we can bring it back to life ... {

- With me effectively not doing significant work on this code for a  
very very long time, Mark Olesen has stepped up and taken the version  
he had extensively modified inhouse and released it to the community.  
We basically did an SVN export of his tree into a new git repository  
hosted at github.

Mark has made significant improvements in code, organization and  
features including nice handling of both cached and live status data  
as well as support for multiple-cluster SGE data in the same interface.

Some URLS that may be of interest:

Git repo:

Demo site running the new code:

xml-qstat website:

I've also updated the xml-qstat.org documentation a bit. The code is  
still not packaged up or organized for easy installation but people  
should be able to get themselves up and running with a bit of work.  
The goal is to shake out the git repository and start organizing  
things for a formal 1.0 release.

The long term status of the project is unclear, we are already  
dependent on the "old" Apache Cocoon 1.1 version as Cocoon 1.2 is a  
big rewrite and seems very java-specific. I'm thinking that the next  
major evolution of the project may be ditch the server-side XSLT  
transformation entirely and see what we can do with modern browsers  
doing the XML->XHTML transformation internally.

If browser-side XSLT based XML-to-XHTML transformation works, xml- 
qstat could be reduced to a couple of CGIs producing XML data along  
with the XSL stylesheets that guide the in-browser transformation.  
We'll see.

I may work on an iphone-specific view next depending on other  
priorities. I've got the latest code installed on a 1000-core Nehalem  
cluster where it's normal for a single user to submit 20,000 jobs per  
day. Initial priorities may have me working on better "terse" or  
condensed status pages.



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