[GE users] Cloned upgrade and port numbers

heywood heywood at cshl.edu
Thu Sep 3 15:50:22 BST 2009

Reuti, thanks for the info. Replies inline below...

On 9/2/09 5:06 PM, "reuti" <reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de> wrote:

> Hi,
> Am 02.09.2009 um 21:13 schrieb heywood:
>> I'm trying a cloned upgrade of SGE to 6.2u3. Our current production
>> SGE uses
>> /etc/services to define the qmaster and sge_execd ports since
>> qmaster and
>> execd start on boot (they will not start without sge_qmaster and
>> sge_execd
>> in /etc/services since settings.sh is not sourced on boot).
> when you setup a cluster with hardcoded port numbers, they will be
> recorded also in the scripts sgeexecd and sgemaster.
> There you can define anything you like and don't have to source
> settings.sh; just put the export command after the comment regarding
> the LSB compliance.

You are suggesting I manually edit the sgeexecd and sgemaster scripts to
define the ports with exports, and then delete their entries in

Note that the way things are now, sgeexecd and sgemaster do not start unless
they have port number entries in /etc/services (but no error messages are
given either if I try to start them without their entries in /etc/services).

>> It seems to me that I cannot do the cloned upgrade since I can't
>> define
>> different port numbers in /etc/services for the new version for the
>> same
>> service names sge_qmaster and sge_execd.
> It's possible to have more than one sgemaster/-execd running on the
> same machine from different versions. You will just need to use
> different port pairs for each instance. For your commands qstat,
> qconf, ... you need to change the to be used ports along with the
> cell name to access each of them.
>> Right? How do other people deal with this? I aborted the upgrade
>> procedure
>> since it looked like it was about to changes the sge_execd port
>> number in
>> /etc/services, which would screw up the current production SGE if
>> it indeed
>> did that....
> I never saw SGE touching the file /etc/services.

Well the cloned upgrade procedure tells me I have the ports "curently set
BOTH as service and by the shell environment" and asks how I want to change
them. I say "shell environment" (the default). Then it says the following
which is confusing...

Grid Engine TCP/IP communication service

Using the environment variable


as port for communication.

This overrides the preset TCP/IP service >sge_execd<.

Do you want to change the port number? (y/n) [n] >> y

Grid Engine TCP/IP service >sge_execd<


Please enter an unused port number >>

...at which point I aborted.


> -- Reuti
>> Grid Engine TCP/IP service >sge_execd<
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>> Please enter an unused port number >>
>> Thanks,
>> Todd
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