[GE users] submission script

cdeligka cdeligka at purdue.edu
Sat Sep 5 16:02:39 BST 2009

dear all,

I have a simple script (it only prints the name of the host) which I submit with
the qsub command to the node bionode9 and it works as expected.

This is my script myjob.sh :


#$ -V
#$ -S /bin/sh
echo "$HOSTNAME"

which I submit with qsub -q dell-long-thin at bionode9 myjob.sh

and my output is 


However, if I prepare an executable submyjob (see below) and run that executable
I get the name of node from which I submit the job (bio7) and not the name of
the node at which the job is running (bionode9).

This is the executable submyjob:

qsub -q dell-long-thin at bionode9 << EOF

#$ -V
#$ -S /bin/sh
echo "$HOSTNAME"


which I run as ./submyjob

and the output is 

bio7.physics...whereas I would expect to get bionode9....

Does anyone know why this is happening? How can I get my executable submyjob to
"see" bionode9 as the host and not bio7?

thank you....



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