[GE users] scheduling oddity/bug when a complex attribute is compared to 0 as a queue Load Threshold

txema_heredia txema.heredia at upf.edu
Tue Sep 8 15:39:29 BST 2009

Thanks for your response.

a) The load_threshold = 0 was there only because it was a test queue and I didn't know what value should I put there. It was just a reminder / placeholder (but even though, it shouldn't crash). 
I'd like to keep it there as a "mark" of which consumable resources does this queue care about, but If I cannot, I won't cry.

b) Here is my qconf -ssconf:

schedule_interval                 00:00:30
flush_submit_sec                  0
flush_finish_sec                  0

But I'm pretty confident that what I saw wasn't the scheduling cycle.
I tested it several times submitting jobs not to one but 3 queues at the same time. The one with lowest seqno was the one with load_threshold=0 problems, and the other two queues didn't have those problems.
In those cases, the qstat I saw was as follows: 

ID time queue
1 00:00:00 lowest-seqno-queue at host1
2 00:00:00 lowest-seqno-queue at host1
3 00:00:00 other-seqno-queue at host2
4 00:00:00 other-seqno-queue at host2
5 00:00:00 other-seqno-queue at host2
6 00:00:00 other-seqno-queue at host2
7 00:00:00 other-seqno-queue at host2
8 00:00:00 other-seqno-queue at host2
9 00:00:30 lowest-seqno-queue at host1
10 00:00:30 lowest-seqno-queue at host1
11 00:00:30 lowest-seqno-queue at host1
12 00:00:30 lowest-seqno-queue at host1
13 00:00:30 lowest-seqno-queue at host1
14 00:00:30 lowest-seqno-queue at host1
15 00:00:30 wq
16 00:00:30 wq

As you see, it starts filling the highest priority queue, but for an unknown reason (the load_threshold=0) it only fills two slots, and then it keeps on filling the other queues, while in the same cycle. And only when the next cycle comes, it submits the rest of the jobs (they all are already scheduled before the first scheduling cycle happens).

-- Txema

PS: I made the results. I modified the queues and it would took a while to set it up as before, but if you want, I can provide you with the exact output.


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