[GE users] manage NFS resources

murple andreas.kuntzagk at mdc-berlin.de
Wed Sep 9 12:27:52 BST 2009

> how do you submit the jobs? Many qsubs or one array job?
> One option might be, to submit the jobs with a hold, and then the  
> first job releases the hold of another job after the input file was  
> read.

That looks like an interesting solution. One would need to do some 
scripting to communicate the job id's. But still the problem of other 
jobs using up the bandwidth would persist.

 > [gnubatch]

This looks interesting but is not feasible in our case. gnubatch is 
single host only and we have 100+ nodes of 2 types.

 > So it's a completely different concept,
> than the resources in SGE or Torque, which will be allocated when the  
> job starts, and given back only at the end of the jobs. 

I was hoping that there is a solution to "give back" resources before 
the job ends. Maybe you could put that on a wishlist? Or would that 
cause other problems?

I'm planning to double the bandwidth of the fileserver using network 
bonding/trunking/aggregation/whatever. But then the filesystem speed 
will probably become a bottleneck.
It would be nice if I could measure actually used bandwidth and could 
request a job only to be startet if used_bandwidth < threshold. But I 
have no idea how to accomplish this.

regards, Andreas


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