[GE users] 6.2u3 qsub Segmentation fault when using -V and -jsv ?

ccaamad m.c.dixon at leeds.ac.uk
Tue Sep 15 14:42:34 BST 2009


I'd appreciate it if someone could see if they can reproduce this before I 
submit it as a bug report.

Continuing my exploration of 6.2u3, I've been looking at the JSV 
functionality. I love it - I can do all sorts of things without asking 
users to change how they submit their jobs (like selecting PE depending 
on topology and number of processes).

However, on my CentOS 5.3 lx24-x86 VMware test box, I see that with even a 
simple client JSV, "qsub -V" suffers a segmentation fault :(

Can anyone reproduce this on lx24-x86 or lx24-amd64 architectures, please?
I really hope I've just done something wrong!


   $ qsub -V test.sh
   Your job 183 ("test.sh") has been submitted

   $ qsub -jsv ./test_pl.jsv test.sh
   Your job 184 ("test.sh") has been submitted

   $ qsub -V -jsv ./test_pl.jsv test.sh
   Segmentation fault

Doing this as a system JSV has an even worse effect - it seems to actually 
kill the batch system processes:

   $ qconf -sconf | grep jsv_url
   jsv_url                      /services/ge6.2u3/jsv/test_pl.jsv
   $ qsub test.sh
   Your job 187 ("test.sh") has been submitted
   $ qsub -V test.sh
   error: commlib error: got read error (closing
   "s1.issmcd.leeds.ac.uk/qmaster/1")error: commlib error: got select error (Connection refused)
   Unable to run job: unable to send message to qmaster using port 802 on host "s1.issmcd.leeds.ac.uk": got send error.

Contents of files:

$ cat test_pl.jsv

use strict;

use lib "$ENV{SGE_ROOT}/util/resources/jsv";
use JSV qw(:ALL);

jsv_on_start(sub {

jsv_on_verify(sub {


$ cat test.sh
echo hello

This is a bit of a problem: jsv_set_param("V","y") doesn't seem to get 
round this by doing it in the JSV.


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Information Systems Services     Tel (ext): +44(0)113 343 5429
University of Leeds, LS2 9JT, UK


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