[GE users] "-w e" job validation behaviour changed?

reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Tue Sep 15 23:37:07 BST 2009

Am 15.09.2009 um 21:53 schrieb bomb20:

> maritac wrote:
>> ...
>> Also, I was surprised to see that when an exclusive job is running,
>> qstat shows only 1 slot in use.  Since no other job can be  
>> scheduled to
>> that host, I expected the slot count to be the maximum, or for  
>> there to
>> be some other indication in qhost that the slots weren't available  
>> for
>> jobs.
> I'm not so sure it is a good idea to inflate the slots used.

Well, this might be the drawback of using just "exclusive" instead of  
a fine grained setup. You can't decide whether the node is in use  
exclusive because of:

- slots (why not request a PE?)

- memory (why not request h_vmem or virtual_free?)

- I/O (why not define another queue bigio.q with just one slot which  
blocks the "normal" queue(s)?)

The request to have this feature of exclusive scheduling was on the  
list quite often and so it's nice to have it, as it seems that many  
are/were using it with their (former) Torque installation. The main  
application of this feature for me is in combination with a PE when  
you have a non-uniform cluster with a varying number of cores in the  
machines and want all cores in a machine. This had to be done with  
wildcards in the qsub before and fixed allocation_rules in a bunch of  
PEs which were bound to various hostgroups/machines. Now you can  
request "-pe smp -999 -l exclusive" and always get a complete machine  
(this works also for a PE with allocation_rule $round_robin to get  
more than one host exclusive).

-- Reuti

> But perhaps there could be an "rx" state to show exclusive running?
> Harvey
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