[GE users] default "-l" attributes for each queue

reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Tue Sep 15 23:54:04 BST 2009


Am 15.09.2009 um 17:33 schrieb txema_heredia:

> Hi all,
> I have been wondering if there is any way of creating some sort of  
> default "attribute requests" for a given queue, in order to,  
> whenever a user runs a job in that queue, that job will use those  
> default request values unless the user explicitly types them in  
> their qsub line.
> I've been searching and I've found that I can do it independently  
> for users (.sge_request file) or for all them globally, but my  
> problem is that I want to have 3 "profiles" depending on which  
> queue is the job sent.
> The only workaround I've found is to create 3 different  
> shellscripts, each one of them running "qsub -q queueone -l  
> param1=1 -l param2=2 -l param3=3 ..." + their options, and tell my  
> users to use them instead that the good ol' qsub.

can you elaborate this in more detail?

The idea behind SGE is to select a queue for you according to the  
given resource requests (in contrast to other queuing systems where  
you submit into a queue).

The resource requests will be used by SGE to schedule it to a queue  
which fulfills the request - hence they must be known. Requesting a  
queue and resources at the same time may be redundant. Do you want  
some values in the jobscript having certain values, which the scripts  
should use?

-- Reuti

PS: Nevertheless, when I get you right: give all queues all  
parameters, and the not appropriate one set to a high value (assuming  
they are consumable), e.g.:

q1: param1=3,param2=9,param3=27,param4=9999,param5=9999,param6=9999
q2: param1=9999,param2=9999,param3=9999,param4=16,param5=8,param6=4

qsub -l param1=3,param2=9,param3=27,param4=16,param5=8,param6=4  
should run in both queues.

> I suppose that there won't be any solution, but I have to try ;)
> PS: I'm using 6.1u4
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