[GE users] Setting complex attributes from CLI per host

jonathan_zink jtzink at raytheon.com
Wed Sep 16 01:30:56 BST 2009

Use case:
A particular application temporarily needs to be restricted from 2 hosts.

Two ways to solve this:
1. Create a queue with all but the 2 hosts.  User uses qsub -q AllBut2
2. Create a complex attribute that is TRUE for those 2 hosts; user uses qsub -l attribute=FALSE to avoid these hosts

I first thought I would pursue #2. In the qmon GUI, I created a complex attribute "hwissue", as BOOL.  Then I tried using the CLI:
qconf -mattr exechost hwissue TRUE grid153
but it would give the error:
The attribute name ("hwissue") and/or value ("TRUE") is invalid.

Of course, I can use
qconf -me grid153
to edit the complex attributes for a host, but I would rather not do that a few hundred times.

Is a complex not an attribute?  Is there a way to use the CLI to assign a complex attribute to a set of hosts with a varied set of other complex attributes?


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