[GE users] default "-l" attributes for each queue

txema_heredia txema.heredia at upf.edu
Thu Sep 17 16:47:42 BST 2009

If I am getting you right, you are suggesting to have a RQS like this:

limit queues slow hosts {@block1} to num_jobs=8,slow_jobs=8
limit queues slow hosts !{@block1} to num_jobs=6,slow_jobs=6

or even

limit hosts {@block1} to slots=8,slow_jobs=8,med_jobs=6-$num_jobs,fast_jobs=6-$num_jobs
limit hosts {@block2} to slots=8,med_jobs=8,slow_jobs=6-$num_jobs,fast_jobs=6-$num_jobs
limit hosts {@block3} to slots=8,fast_jobs=8,med_jobs=6-$num_jobs,slow_jobs=6-$num_jobs

thus I only need to use a couple of attributes in my calls:

qsub -q slow -l num_jobs=1 -l slow_jobs=1

or even I can use a more complex RQS to use only one param (does the Dynamic Limit accept parentheses and negative numbers in its formulae?) , and even have it working in only one queue.

This will simplify pretty much everything, but I suppose that I still would need the JSV to keep my users to do odd things.

Unfortunately, I cannot update to 6.2u3 right now, so I think I'll go by the "homebrew-qsub" way, but I'll have it in mind in a future.

Thank you very much, Reuti


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