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Mon Sep 21 16:03:12 BST 2009

On 9/21/09, mhanby <mhanby at uab.edu> wrote:
> I've been reading through the examples, instructions, etc... on the web regarding building tight integration with SSH.
> I see some old posts that reference patching sshd.c (and in some examples other openssh source files).
> Is this still necessary with 6.2u3? Or does -tight-ssh do the patching on the fly (or not need it)? If it is necessary to patch the source files for openssh, where do I obtain the diff files?

There are 2 tight SGE-SSH integrations:

"Secure SGE Using Kerberos5, SSH and Accessing AFS"


"SGE-openSSH Tight Integration"

You can find the details of both at:


The 2nd one requires building with "-tight-ssh", and as of now you
still need to patch sshd.c in the OpenSSH source code.


> I'm building it as follows:
> 1. Extract openssh-5.2p1.tar.gz to 3rdparty and rename the directory to 3rdparty/openssh
> 2. Build Grid Engine:
> ./aimk -only-depend -no-dump
> scripts/zerodepend
> ./aimk -no-dump depend
> ./aimk -no-dump -no-jni -no-java
> ./aimk -no-dump -no-jni -no-java -tight-ssh
> ./aimk -no-dump -man
> Following the build, I see the ssh binaries have been built, so -tight-ssh is successful in that regard.
> Thanks, Mike
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