[GE users] Automatic qlogin on the head node

rafaarco rafaarco at ugr.es
Tue Sep 29 20:17:59 BST 2009

Hello everyone,

First of all, sorry for posting this if it's already been answered
somewhere else, but I wasn't able to find any satisfying answers.

My question is the following one: Is there any way to force an
interactive job submission (a forced qlogin) when users log into the
head node of a cluster, so that sessions on the head node can be
controlled by SGE? In other words, every time a user logged in, a new
interactive job controlling the session would automatically be created,
in order to prevent users from overusing the resources on the head one.

I'm considering some alternatives such as adding the qlogin command at
the end of .bashrc or .cshrc (although this could be easily bypassed if
a user wanted to), adding a qlogin at the end of /etc/profile
and /etc/csh.login (I don't know if this could cause a conflict with
commands in users' login files) or using the ForceCommand option
included in the last versions of OpenSSH (so that it could be

I also tried changing the user login shell to a Bash wrapper that was
something like "qrsh /bin/bash", but it didn't work. No prompt was
returned, although the session was started indeed.

There might be some solutions, probably better than these. Maybe a
feature of SGE to naturally do this that I overlooked. Perhaps someone
has already implemented such a thing.

Any suggestions or comments?

Thanks in advance,



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