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thamizhannal Thamizhannal.Paramasiuam at Honeywell.com
Wed Sep 30 16:01:58 BST 2009

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Hi All

I need a clarification on modifying SGE job scheduling policy.

We have 2 nodes in cluster each of 4 CPU?s. When we submit some parallel job (2 CPU) on grid it is getting submitted to the node which is having least load. We wanted to modify the scheduling policy in such a way that it should fill up all the CPU?s in particular node first before the job is getting submitted into any other node in cluster irrespective of load.

E.x. considers 2 nodes are free and no job (load=0.00) is running on cluster.
A parallel job of 2 CPU is submitted on cluster then it will be scheduled by SGE on node01. Again a parallel job 2 CPU is submitted then it will be scheduled on node02. If some parallel job of 4 CPU comes then it would be in queue waiting.

But we want to modify the scheduling policy in such a way that first and second job should run on node01 and so that the third job will occupy the node02.

Is there any way to modify the SGE scheduling policy to accommodate this change? Please suggest me.

Thamizhannal P

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