[GE users] node load and selection

igardais igardais at yahoo.fr
Thu Apr 1 07:26:06 BST 2010

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Hi list,

Some of my users do not understand how SGE selects (or not) nodes for execution.
In my setup, the PE they use is set to $fill_up and the queue is set to 'seq_no 0' (all nodes are equals) and 'load_thresholds np_load_avg=0.95' (the node have to be fully loaded to be declared in 'alarm' state).

According to their saying, jobs that could have been run on 2 nodes are split over 3 or 4 nodes (not always, but sometimes).

What can I do to avoid this ?
Lower the load_thresholds ?
Which explanation can I gave them ? I'd like not to go too deep in SGE-related selection algorithm ...


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