[GE users] Restricting queue access to an individual user

maritac marita_christiansen at mentor.com
Fri Apr 2 18:57:04 BST 2010

Here is my scenario:

User1 is in user access list group1, which has permissions to access only a subset of queues in the cluster.  User1 also now needs to have exclusive permission to access two hosts (or the queues on two hosts), without losing access to the subset of machines that can be accessed by all of group1.

According to the SGE 6.2u4 Wiki, queue access can be restricted to certain users or user groups.   However, it appears that only user access lists can be added to the user_lists or xuser_lists setting in a queue, not individual users.

How can I restrict queue (or host) access to an individual user without losing their current user access list privileges?

Marita Christiansen
Distributed Computing
Engineering Tools and Architecture
Mentor Graphics Corporation

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