[GE users] Installing and Configuring SGE (as execute-host) on Diskless-Cluster Nodes

jbhoren jbhoren at alaska.edu
Fri Apr 2 23:15:11 BST 2010

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I believe the subject-line says it all: How to do it?

I've correctly installed SGE on the cluster head-node, as qmaster and execute host (I know it's correct, because I run two other SGE installations, but both are on diskfull clusters).

 *   Should I chroot to /pxe-diskless/root and install sun-sge-bin-linux24-x64-6.2-5.x86_64.rpm and sun-sge-common-6.2-5.noarch.rpm; or
 *   Should I only install them on the head-node, and then copy /gridengine/sge into /pxe-diskless/root?
 *   And what about the execute-nodes? (in either case, /gridengine/sge will then be mounted on each node)

Although it might be "trivial" to perform, figuring it out is not so... at least, not for moi :(

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