[GE users] centos - invalid queue's

paulwb pwb at pwb.hopto.org
Wed Apr 7 02:38:43 BST 2010

I have been running sge under redhat for a number of months without any problems, due to technical issues we are migrating to centos.  

SGE appears to be installed correctly on centos system, I can run all of the programs,   I can add the queues and modify them however they don't appear when I do a qstat -f

Thanking you for your assistance



[root at mri4 qmaster]# cat /proc/version
Linux version 2.6.18-164.11.1.el5 (mockbuild at builder10.centos.org) (gcc version 4.1.2 20080704 (Red Hat 4.1.2-46)) #1 SMP Wed Jan 20 07:32:21 EST 2010
[root at mri4 qmaster]# cat /etc/redhat-release
CentOS release 5.4 (Final)
[root at mri4 qmaster]#  

qsub -q all.q simple.sge
Unable to run job: Job was rejected because job requests unknown queue "all.q".

[root at mri4 tmp]# qconf -sq all.q
qname                 all.q
hostlist              @allhosts
seq_no                0
load_thresholds       np_load_avg=1.75
suspend_thresholds    NONE
nsuspend              1
suspend_interval      00:05:00
priority              20
min_cpu_interval      00:05:00
processors            UNDEFINED
qtype                 BATCH INTERACTIVE
ckpt_list             NONE
pe_list               make
rerun                 FALSE
slots                 1
tmpdir                /tmp
shell                 /bin/sh
prolog                NONE
epilog                NONE
shell_start_mode      unix_behavior
starter_method        NONE
suspend_method        NONE
resume_method         NONE
terminate_method      NONE
notify                00:00:60
owner_list            NONE
user_lists            NONE
xuser_lists           NONE
subordinate_list      NONE
complex_values        NONE
projects              NONE
xprojects             NONE
calendar              NONE
initial_state         default
s_rt                  INFINITY
h_rt                  INFINITY
s_cpu                 INFINITY
h_cpu                 INFINITY
s_fsize               INFINITY
h_fsize               INFINITY
s_data                INFINITY
h_data                INFINITY
s_stack               INFINITY
h_stack               INFINITY
s_core                INFINITY
h_core                INFINITY
s_rss                 INFINITY
h_rss                 INFINITY
s_vmem                INFINITY
h_vmem                INFINITY


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