[GE users] adding Execution Host - Problems with Hostnames

neoideo axischire at gmail.com
Wed Apr 7 23:55:30 BST 2010

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here is the escenario:

2 mac pros.

one as master node, qmaster script installed correctly.
his hostname is "mac-pro-3.local"

when i try to configure the execution host daemon, it fails trying to resolve "mac-pro-3".
i think there is a problem with the hostname of the master node, i have tried changing it to "mac-pro-3" but no success.

the host is mounting the NFS shared folder.
this is the error when trying installing execd on host


Cannot contact qmaster. The command failed:

./bin/darwin-x86/qconf -sh

The error message was:

ERROR: unable to send message to qmaster using port 6444 on host ?mac-pro-3?: can?t resolve host name

You can fix the problem now or abort the installation procedure.
The problem can be:

? the qmaster is not running
? the qmaster host is down
? an active firewall blocks your request

Contact qmaster again (y/n) (?n? will abort) [y] >>


i wish i could get rid of that "local" sufix permanently, i've tried modifiyng /etc/hosts  ,  scutil,  with no success.

both macs are Leopard 10.5.6

any help, advice is welcome, thanks in advance


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