[GE users] VPN startup problem when using the SDM cloud adapter

jorisroovers joris.roovers at gmail.com
Tue Apr 13 11:15:01 BST 2010

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Hello everyone,

I have been out of the country for some time, which is the reason this reply is coming so late.
However, in the mean time I have reinstalled SDM (and SGE) to make sure that I had a clean install to work with.
After installing the GE-adapter, the cloud nodes no longer shut down right after the SDM node installation.
I thought this would mean the end of my problems (I couldn't really think of anything that could go wrong after that), but it seems that I was wrong.

Although the cloud node is successfully added to the geadapter service, it fails to install the SGE execution daemon.

"Script install_execd_cloud.sh failed with status 1"

So, I started debugging again. The different error logs didn't provide usefull information, so I decided to have a closer look at the installation scripts again.

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