[GE users] DRMAA job submission fails with "no suitable queues" when complexes are requested?

benmwebb ben at salilab.org
Wed Apr 14 15:05:52 BST 2010

I have been experimenting with DRMAA to submit jobs to our 6.1u3 
cluster. It works very nicely for submitting simple jobs (e.g. example 2 
at http://gridengine.sunsource.net/project/gridengine/howto/drmaa.html). 
But if my DRMAA job asks for any SGE complexes, e.g. "-l mem_free=1G" 
the drmaa_run_job call fails with "no suitable queues". (The simplest 
way to demonstrate this is to just modify the example program to add 
that -l option to drmaa_native_specification.) Has anybody seen a 
similar problem, and found a solution? Is it perhaps a bug in 6.1u3 that 
is fixed in a later version? (If so, if it is a simple fix I would like 
to backport it to 6.1u3 if possible, as I don't want to have to upgrade 
the entire cluster just to be able to submit DRMAA jobs.) Or am I 
missing something?

See also issue #3261 in the bug tracker: 

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