[GE users] Array Task Interleave

dangruhn Dan.Gruhn at groupw.com
Fri Apr 16 21:22:05 BST 2010

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I have a job setup where an array of tasks is used to create individual sets of data that another array of tasks (the same number in both cases) then load into a database.

I have started using the -hold_jid_ad to have the second stage tasks wait until their corresponding first stage tasks are finished.  What I would like to have happen is that when a first stage task is finished, the corresponding second stage task becomes ready and will run before the other first stage task starts running.

I have done this by lowering the priority of the first stage tasks, but that means that other jobs in the grid will run before my first stage tasks. I would like to raise the priority of the second stage tasks, but only an administrator or manager can do this, and these jobs are run by regular users.

Does anyone have any ideas how I might accomplish this without putting my first stage tasks at a lower priority?


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