[GE users] Resource Quota with parallel environment on 6.2u5

icaci hristo at mc.phys.uni-sofia.bg
Tue Apr 20 08:26:58 BST 2010


On 16.04.2010, at 18:31, sumyee wrote:

> Hello,
> I am experiencing some odd behavior with resource quota.  I have defined the following quota to limit the number of slots a user can consume in high.q:
> {
>  name    max_high_slots
>  description "limit number of slots in high priority queue per user"
>  enabled  TRUE
>  limit  users {*} queues high.q to slots=24
> }
> It normally runs fine, unless I have a hard request to go to a specific host AND a request to run in parallel environment.
> Job runs in the following situations:
>> qsub -q high.q sleep.sh
>> qsub -q high.q -l h=tester sleep.sh
>> qsub -q high.q -soft -l h=tester sleep.sh
>> qsub -q high.q -pe smp 2-4 sleep.sh
> The job doesn't run when requested like this:
>> qsub -q high.q -l h=tester -pe smp 2-4 sleep.sh

This looks and feels like the problem we encountered when using RQS to limit slot usage in some parallel queues:

It is definitely a bug in the SGE scheduler code that sorts and screens suitable queues/hosts for parallel tasks and is unrelated to the queue sort method that you've set in the scheduler config.


>> qquota
>> resource quota rule limit        filter
>> ---------------------------------------------------
>> max_high_slots/1    slots=9/24   users sumyee queues high.q
> Scheduler reports the following:  cannot run because it exceeds limit "sumyee////" in rule "max_high_slots/1"
> It doesn't seem to matter whether I have the scheduler sort by seq_no or by load.  I get the same result.  Is this issue related to the way the RQS is defined?  Is there a way around it?
> Thanks,
> Sum Yee
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