[GE users] failed job emails configuration

craffi dag at sonsorol.org
Wed Apr 21 18:10:02 BST 2010

No easy answer here.

The overwhelming setup I see with clusters that run large volumes of 
jobs and send email alerts is to not route email to the organizational 
email store - far more people will deliver email to local user accounts 
on the cluster. From there individuals can do tricks with procmail etc. 
to process emails and forward on the ones that are important.

To solve this at a central level you might have to write your own 
smarter mail wrapper. In SGE it is absolutely trivial to reconfigure the 
email program - it's just a path defined in the config for "mailer". In 
that situation you would write a script that accepts the incoming emails 
and decides if they should be forwarded on to the exchange server.

Consider this a long winded way of saying that there is no builtin 
feature for SGE that will get you the behavior you are describing.

There are (of course) switches that you use with SGE qsub to determine 
when emails get sent. Maybe your users just need to switch to the mail 
flag that only triggers when a job exits or aborts?


wagoodman wrote:
> This is the problem I'm having. I have my SGE set up to send email alerts to sgealerts (which is a mailing list that me and another person belongs to)so when jobs fail I get notified. However this can be a double edge sword, when users submits array jobs (30 to 50,000) this brings MS outlook to it's knees, sometimes rendering my PC helpless. Is there a configuration to set to send just one email if a batch or array job fails, Please help the spam is killing me.
> Bill
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