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futurity2 futuritysolutions at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 28 10:10:22 BST 2010

> Hi,
> I was wondering if someone could point me at some infomation on  
> subordinate queues as I'm experiencing strange behaviour.
> We're using grid engine 62u5
> I like to have a queue for each CPU core in our execution hosts for  
> greater control of which cores are used first.
> For this example let's say I'm using a single exec host which is a 2  
> core machine, so I have 2 queues (L1& L2). Each queue has one slot.  
> Each has a complex "qp" set to a value of "low". When I submit jobs  
> to the grid with "qsub -l qp=low job.sh" everything rubs as expected  
> on both these 2 queues (2 jobs at a time).
> I then create two new queues (H1 & H2) with complex "qp" = "high"  
> and made L1 a subordinate of H1 and L2 a subordinate of H2.
> Now if I submit 10x qp=low jobs, two jobs transfer and run on the  
> single execution machine. If I submit 10x qp=high jobs, none of them  
> seem to transfer until a slot is free which I wasn't expecting. When  
> a slot becomes free it transfers the high job to the non free slot  
> suspending the low job, but the free slot is still left unused even  
> though more high jobs remain queued.
> Any advice or URL for further reading would be greatfully received.
> Kind Regards
> Neil
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