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dagru d.gruber at sun.com
Thu Apr 29 10:04:30 BST 2010

The point you miss is that the high priority job does not
find free resources in order to be scheduled. Suspended
jobs also does not free resources (consumables).
Why wouldn't it be enough when you request your queues
(both high priority queues for high priority jobs) instead
of the complexes?


On 04/28/10 11:10, futurity2 wrote:


I was wondering if someone could point me at some infomation on
subordinate queues as I'm experiencing strange behaviour.

We're using grid engine 62u5

I like to have a queue for each CPU core in our execution hosts for
greater control of which cores are used first.

For this example let's say I'm using a single exec host which is a 2
core machine, so I have 2 queues (L1& L2). Each queue has one slot.
Each has a complex "qp" set to a value of "low". When I submit jobs
to the grid with "qsub -l qp=low job.sh" everything rubs as expected
on both these 2 queues (2 jobs at a time).

I then create two new queues (H1 & H2) with complex "qp" = "high"
and made L1 a subordinate of H1 and L2 a subordinate of H2.

Now if I submit 10x qp=low jobs, two jobs transfer and run on the
single execution machine. If I submit 10x qp=high jobs, none of them
seem to transfer until a slot is free which I wasn't expecting. When
a slot becomes free it transfers the high job to the non free slot
suspending the low job, but the free slot is still left unused even
though more high jobs remain queued.

Any advice or URL for further reading would be greatfully received.

Kind Regards


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