[GE users] Issue seen in 6.2U4 : memory values reported by SGE too low compared to top output on linux systems

jenny lulh at genomics.org.cn
Thu Aug 12 03:27:44 BST 2010

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I can confirm that both vmem and maxvmem values shown by qstat (and qacct) are modulo 2^32 in bytes, at least on lx24-amd64. Here is the output from qacct for a simple C program that calloc()-s some good deal of memory of various sizes:

calloc 3 GiB:
cpu          3.540
mem          7.374
maxvmem      3.013G

calloc 7 GiB:
cpu          8.120
mem          22.271
maxvmem      3.013G

calloc 11 GiB:
cpu          12.710
mem          34.406
maxvmem      3.013G

calloc 4 GiB:
cpu          4.730
mem          0.012
maxvmem      13.074M

It looks like a bug in SGE to me - vmem's value is converted to 32-bit somewhere along the path (probably as early as in the shepherd). That results in incorrect value for the time integral in "mem" as well.

Does anybody met the same problem?

???  Jenny_Lu
lulh at genomics.org.cn<mailto:lulh at genomics.org.cn>
Mobile:15986782583  62583

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