[GE users] echo "blah" | mail -s "test" me at my.address not working in qsub'd jobs

griznog griznog at gmail.com
Tue Aug 17 16:03:32 BST 2010


I have a job script, simplified to:

set -x
echo "Testing mail."
echo "Test" | mail -s Testing jbh at broadinstitute.org
echo $?
echo "Done."

When I run that directly on a node, either ssh directly to the node,
qrsh (which is configured to ssh), or qlogin, then the script works,
mail is sent correctly and /var/log/maillog gets a lot of chatter
about it.

But, if I qsub this script I do not get any mail and nothing is logged
to /var/log/maillog even though the exit status of the mail command is
0 as if it were successful. Does anyone know where that mail is going?
Example script run is:

jbh at tin ~ $ qsub -b y -l hostname=node290 /home/radon01/jbh/testmail.sh
Your job 27 ("testmail.sh") has been submitted
jbh at tin ~ $ cat testmail.sh.*27
+ echo 'Testing mail.'
+ mail -s Testing jbh at broadinstitute.org
+ echo Test
+ echo 0
+ echo Done.
Testing mail.

Any pointers on how to troubleshoot this would be appreciated. I'm
pretty stumped as to why sendmail never sees anything when this runs
as a qsub'd job.




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