[GE users] submit jobs between clusters

ppk ppk at ats.ucla.edu
Wed Aug 18 15:51:56 BST 2010

UC Grid was written to work with a web portal, but it can 
work on the command line too.  Basically,
a) It needs a MyProxy server to lease short lived credential 
(X-509) for the users.
b) On both clusters the username should be added to the 
Globus grid-mapfile.
c) There should be a node (grid appliance) on the cluster 
where Globus Toolkit is installed which is a submission host 
for SGE scheduler.
d) The jobs are submitted to Globus GRAM and the files are 
transferred back and forth using GridFTP.

It is also a single sign on concept for multiple clusters 
just like other grid based portals.  Latest version of UC 
Grid can also work from Iphone, Ipad and Android based 
phones using Globus Toolkit and RESTful web services.  UC 
Grid is also a Globus Incubator project.  Some grid portals 
(like Teragrid) use GSI-ssh  to have direct ssh access from 
the web and some use VNC to initiate ssh sessions to open 
interactive sessions.  It is not easy, but it is doable. :-) 
  Everything we do is open source also.  :-) 
(http://grid.ucla.edu, http://grid.ucsb.edu, 
http://grid.ucr.edu)  .  Thanks.


laotsao wrote:
> one way is using the UCLA grid portal
> http://www.ucgrid.org/
> base on globus toolkit
> --LaoTsao
> On 8/18/2010 10:19 AM, russray wrote:
> I have setup two clusters that are independent of each other at different sites.
> Site 1:  running GE 6.1u3
> Site 2:  running GE 6.2u2_1
> I would like to have users at Site 2 to be able to submit a job to a queue on Site 1.  Can someone point me to a how-to or manual or something that would help me figure out how to have the clusters "see" each other so jobs could be submitted to the other site?
> Thanks,
> Russell Ray
> rray at semtech.com<mailto:rray at semtech.com>


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