[GE users] Installing 6.2 over 6.0 without any modification ?

laotsao laotsao at gmail.com
Thu Aug 19 12:10:06 BST 2010

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On 8/19/2010 3:38 AM, spow_ wrote:

I have a very buggy 6.0 version of SGE (segfaults on menus opening, warnings, jobs non getting dispatched whereas they should be ...) and the expected behaviour is not reproduced as it is on my 6.1 version on another cluster.

Someone at work offered me to install briefly a 6.2 over the 6.0 on the problematic cluster to see whether my configuration is wrong or the SGE install is bugged : is it possible, only to update the master host ? Will 6.2 recognize the exec hosts ?
U could install qmaster and execdhost of 6.2u5 by using different port and different SGE_ROOT
In Ur case, user or U need to run different settings.*sh to use old or new GE version

What I would like to do is being able to install 6.2 in a new directory without shutting down the exec hosts, ad come back at 6.0 at any time by supressing the 6.2 folder. Is this feasible ?

Also, I have read that some of you (Rayon, Ron, Reuti ...) have compiled a 6.2u5 version for Linux. May I use this one on RH 5.3, or should I get the trial version of OGE ?
u5 is still abailable

Thanks for having read,
Have a nice day,

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