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joelandman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Thu Aug 19 17:23:35 BST 2010

ppk wrote:
> It appears to me so far all the efforts to the Open Grid 
> Scheduler is coming from individuals volunteering to help. 
>   We are not stealing anything.  We are just reusing what is 
> already available to us in the open source form and sharing 
> among us.  It is just my common sense thinking. :-)
> Prakashan

Hi Prakashan

   My concern is that if the folks who own the IP in the code decide to 
start asserting that ownership in a way that makes it hard for us to 
work with this/contribute.

   We want to.  I just don't want us to run afoul of other peoples 

   Yes it is "open source" (its not GPL2 as I remember, I don't remember 
which license it is).  No one is accusing anyone of stealing.  Someone 
owns that IP, and that ownership isn't dropped as part of using an OSS 
license.  They can take all their marbles and go home.  What I am hoping 
is that with some rebranding and removal of the copyrighted info, this 
can continue.

   Again, this is something we may be able to commit resources to.  I 
just want to know we aren't going to get slapped down for doing it.


> joelandman wrote:
>> Let me ask a (somewhat obvious) set of questions.
>> Is there any possibility that this project could be shut down due to 
>> Oracle flexing legal muscle?  That is, DanT looks like his group has 
>> funding and a roadmap, and they might not take too kindly to an external 
>> group building a relicensed version.  Nor give their permission for 
>> relicensure.
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