[GE users] Re: Re: Re: [GE users] Issue seen in 6.2U5 : memory values reported bySGE too low compared to top output on linux systems

reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Thu Aug 19 18:37:45 BST 2010

Am 19.08.2010 um 19:06 schrieb fx:

> The command arguments aren't consistent with getopt generally, are they?
> `qconf -sfoo' would parse as four single-char args.  Sanitizing that
> would be good, of course, but incompatible.

Or as -s with an optarg, which is set to "foo" then, when specified as "s:" in the list of possible arguments. Anyway, it was just one idea. I see, there are already too many long options with just a single dash in front.

>> Yeah. Will we need to support all stuff which is right now in the
>> package, or focus on the one that is most needed by the community?
> What would you not support that currently gets built?  However, it's not
> just SGE, but also SDM and ARCo to consider.

Yep, this I was thinking about.

>  As far as I remember, not
> all components of that are free software, unfortunately.  It's not just
> code, either, but documentation -- I have assorted fixes for that.
>> I would also suggest to look into combining OGS with the "GNU Batch"
>> scheduler - it would extend OGS with changable consumables depending
>> on the result of a job, and use them to start another job and also
>> cron-like features.
> You can't combine SISSL code with GPL code.

This I feared... But: won't this target only any distribution of prebuild packages? When we ease the built process, and the end-user has to download several packages to be put here and there in the source tree on his own machine - it's still not possible? This is necessary for now already with the tight SSH integration.

-- Reuti


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