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reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Thu Aug 19 19:30:46 BST 2010


Am 19.08.2010 um 19:42 schrieb gutnik:

> I have a question about how to set up a queue.
> I have one queue ("default.q") now. To ensure that no one user
> dominates the queue, I set resource limits so that a single user can't
> use
> more than 20 slots.
> At off-peak times, however (say, 6pm-8am) I would like to relax this,
> and let users run an arbitrary number of jobs, as long as the jobs
> finish before peak time.

N.B. slots = jobs only for serial ones. If you want to control the number of jobs also for parallel ones, one additional complex is necessary.

> My idea was to create a second queue ("offpeak.q"), which would be
>  1) active 6pm-5am

week mo-fr=08-18=off

(as the default is "on" I think)

>  2) have no per-user resource limits
>  3) limit jobs to 3 hours of real time, to make sure that jobs finish by 8am.

The queue can be active up to 8am. The offpeak jobs will have to request "-l h_rt=..." (make it FORCED), *or* define a certain limit in the queue configuration of offpeak.q. SGE will check, whether the jobs would fit into the timeframe which is granted by the calendar for this queue before it's off again to schedule them thereto (when reservation is turned on by a value greater 0 is set for "max_reservation" in the scheduler configuration).

For the normal jobs you can define "-q default.q" as default request (when you never ever want a normal job to end up in offpeak.q), and for offpeak jobs the request "-clear" would get rid of the default queue request.

Or: if all jobs request h_rt, this will be checked automatically, where they can run. When thy don't fit in the remaining time in offpeak.q, they won't go there.

-- Reuti

> I think I know how to do that.
> But I don't know how to allow users to submit specific jobs that would
> go to offpeak.q if available, and
> otherwise go to default.q. Normal jobs should never go into offpeak.q,
> because they'd be killed in 3 hours.
> Anyone know how to do this? Is there some simpler approach to solve
> this problem?
>  Vadim
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