[GE users] queue setup and calendars.

reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Thu Aug 19 23:04:03 BST 2010

Am 19.08.2010 um 23:46 schrieb gutnik:

>>> My idea was to create a second queue ("offpeak.q"), which would be
>>> 1) active 6pm-5am
>> week mo-fr=08-18=off
>> (as the default is "on" I think)
>>> 2) have no per-user resource limits
>>> 3) limit jobs to 3 hours of real time, to make sure that jobs finish by 8am.
>> The queue can be active up to 8am. The offpeak jobs will have to request "-l h_rt=..." (make it FORCED), *or* define a certain limit in the queue configuration of offpeak.q. SGE will check, whether the jobs would fit into the timeframe which is granted by the calendar for this queue before it's off again to schedule them thereto (when reservation is turned on by a value greater 0 is set for "max_reservation" in the scheduler configuration).
> This sounds good, but I'm missing something. What I've done so far
> 1) I made the offpeak.q, and a calendar.
> 2) I added a default sge_request that requests 1000 hours, so that
> default jobs never get into the offpeak.q
> I've checked that if I define a limit on h_rt in the queue definition,
> jobs that exceed it won't get scheduled. So I think I can make that
> work.
> If I understand what you're saying, SGE should automatically know when
> the queue will be shut off, so that if the shutoff
> will happen in one hour, it won't schedule a 2-hour job, even if the
> queue limit is 3 hours.


> That didn't work for me.
> I then set max_reservation to "1",

I would go for 8 or 16 in a small cluster (although 1 might already be ok in your case to trigger the change of behavior).

> and ... it seems to work, but I
> don't understand how reservations affect this. I'm not reserving
> resources,

It's just the way it's implemented. But there is an issue about it:


> I'm trying to use them now. Is that not right?

If it's working for you, it's right.

-- Reuti

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