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dr_st stephane.teletchea at univ-nantes.fr
Fri Aug 20 10:21:55 BST 2010

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andy a écrit :

> There's certainly quite some risk for anyone who is responsible for 
> running clusters where every hour hundreds, thousands or tens of 
> thousands CPU hours are waiting to kept busy and keep the company behind 
> running. So is the assumed zero price tag worth the money you will lose 
> if the DRM system of your choice does not work? Our customers are giving 
> us figures which say that hardware, electricity, cooling, 
> administration, OS licenses, DRM system licenses only make up one third 
> of their costs. The remaining money goes into the licenses of the 
> software which runs in the grid. Not talking about the labor costs for 
> the engineers using the Grid. So can the license and support costs of a 
> DRM system have any cost saving potential when you compare it with the 
> value it adds to the bulk of hardware in a data center?

To sum up, I'd say we all know the price and efforts needed to maintain 
softwares in good shape, for a long period of time. For those managing 
huge datacenters, I think the Oracle support is by no means a problem 
(or should not), however i assume we are a lot of scientists out there 
using only single/few multiple-core workstation(s), and cannot afford 
it. This is not a "philosophy" problem but a financial one.

Provided for now Oracle is not providing clear directions about the 
future (mysql, solaris, openoffice.org, and the rest?) and it seems even 
employees do not also have a clear vision, i think the decision to 
"fork-first" is wise, at least we know there is a "gold standard" we can 
still use (even if frozen). I'm not sure about the future, but the lack 
of Oracle clear position on all of these is more freakening than 
anything else...

I hope to see those projects staying open-source (at least up to a
certain level of usage?), but for now it's getting more and more closed.

Please let me know if I'm wrong, I'd be happy to.



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