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Mon Aug 23 15:30:57 BST 2010

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rayson <rayrayson at> writes:

> On Thu, Aug 19, 2010 at 1:07 PM, fx < at> wrote:
>> This seems rather confused.  SISSL is copyleft (but rather odd), and
>> copyleft code stays copyleft by design.  I don't understand the point
>> about making money and Bioteam.  Surely you explicitly want people to be
>> able to provide a support service.

Sorry, I should have re-read the thing before commenting, because of the
rather ill-defined `standards' business (which refers to a location for
non-existent binaries with which you're supposed to inter-operate).
Presumably maintaining interoperability with 6.2u5 would count, but I
suspect that clause should just be ignored, especially as we're
specifically interested in free software.

> Most of the technologies in batch systems are really old.

Sure (I used OS\370), but there's no sanity in software patents and
legal threats, at least in the USA.

> In fact, I
> was reading the patents granted to Platform Computing, Cluster
> Resources INC, and Sun (of course the SGE related subset), and found
> that most of them (if not all? I need to go through them one by one
> again) do not cover what we have in the core SGE codebase. However, I
> don't have an understanding of the other add-on modules so they are
> not part of the Open Grid Scheduler project yet.

Everything in the repo is under the SISSL as
far as I can tell, although I think some of the Java stuff it depends on
is non-free -- webconsole for a start, but also some required packages.
The SISSL has a patent licence, but the exact consequences of the
language are unclear to me.

Dave Love
Advanced Research Computing, Computing Services, University of Liverpool
AKA fx at


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