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U can always install u6 in addition to u5 on the same system by using 
different PORT and SGE_ROOT
list the bug fixed in u6

On 8/25/2010 11:34 AM, wagoodman wrote:
> Hi all,
> At my site we have a licensed SGE 6.2U5, I put in a service request to sun and I get the
> same answer that everybody else is saying "it's fixed in release SGE 6.2U6". My only problem
> is, we just completed an upgrade two weeks ago... I had to request a major outage. Is there
> a quick fix or patch for this. I mean, my boss is going to blame me for not researching and
> testing out new release (which I did thoroughly), but I guess like everyone else, I didn't notice
> it. Also does that bug just effect reporting only or does it break functionality?
> Bill
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> rayson<rayrayson at gmail.com>  writes:
>> qmake does not link against any SGE libraries - all it needs is to
>> invoke qrsh.
> Right, but note that there are problems elsewhere.  [I don't mean to
> suggest that rayson et al don't understand, but it's already apparently
> been missed, as below.]
> Specifically you can't use libdrmaa with, for instance, GPL'd code that
> doesn't have a suitable licence exception.  Thus the SGE DRMAA is
> useless for a significant number of potential applications -- consider
> building a qmake with it rather than using qrsh, if that's technically
> feasible (I don't know).
> This is a problem with at least one tarball on the gridengine site --
> the Python DRMAA binding, which claims a straight GPL licence; likewise
> the Perl binding, which isn't on sunsource.  I only realized this fairly
> recently when looking at DRMAA, and I guess it's now too late to do
> anything about it and make SGE DRMAA generally useful.  The OGE
> situation is no better, of course.
> Note that there was some of the licensing on some files made for the
> Debian packaging -- see the copyright file on the Debian package, and
> relevant posts on debian-legal (?).  I think that was never resolved in
> the source.  Also note that the headers on the current files don't obey
> the requirements of the licence, since they don't mention `the original
> code', which I think Debian didn't pick up.


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