[GE users] Schedule one job at a time

kjpursley kevin.pursley at bp.com
Mon Feb 1 13:17:37 GMT 2010

If you are trying to limit the resource a consumable could also be used.
We make consumables for filesystems. Then you add that to the global
This may be more general-purpose as you could adjust if you find you
Can handle more than one job. Takes a couple minutes to set up.


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> many jobs are scheduled
> and started at the same time which gives us problems with some other 
> resources.

If there's a way to limit the rate of starting jobs, I don't know it.
Instead, if the problem is too many jobs starting simultaneously, I
would suggest:

(a) You could decrease the scheduling interval.  Instead of deploying
jobs to execution hosts every 15 seconds, you could deploy every ... 1
or 2 or 3 seconds.  This could lower the probability of starting two
jobs at the same time.  Also, you could limit the rate at which you
submit jobs to the queue.  Instead of "for ((i=0; i<100; i++)) ; do qsub
somejob ; done" you could do something like "for ((i=0; i<100 ; i++)) ;
do qsub somejob ; sleep 3 ; done"

(b) you could make each job sleep a random number of seconds before
starting.  This would again decrease the probability of collision.

(c) If that's not good enough ... if you truly need mutually exclusive,
serial launching of multiple jobs to multiple machines to run in
parallel ... Then I haven't helped at all, you're back where you
started.  You either need SGE to have some mechanism to limit the job
dispatch rate ... or you need some 3rd party mutex package to eliminate
the race condition of the critical region.


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